(203aj) A Shortcut Graphical and Spreadsheet Technique for Identifying Water Allocation Networks

Dunn, R. F. - Presenter, Vanderbilt University
Debelak, K. A., Vanderbilt University
Perlmutter, Z., Vanderbilt University

Cost-effective water allocation within chemical processes continues to be a critical component for future sustainability of large chemical and polymer manufacturing plants.   Several methods have been developed for the synthesis of water allocation networks for wastewater minimization and water use conservation.  One of the methods previously developed are based on a two stage graphical targeting approach using material recycle pinch diagrams and source-sink mapping diagrams.  This paper will present a new graphical/spreadsheet technique and design strategy for identifying the optimal water allocation network and near-optimal water allocation network.  This technique allows the simultaneous evaluation of multiple water allocation options.  Advantages of this strategy will be highlighted and several case studies will be discussed that illustrate the effectiveness of this approach.  Finally, experiences using this strategy in teaching undergraduate chemical engineering design courses will also be discussed.