(193a) Nanostructured Optoelectronics: Using New Energy States and High-Energy Photons

Nagpal, P. - Presenter, University of Colorado Boulder
Singh, V., University of Colorado Boulder
Goodman, S., University of Colorado Boulder

Semiconductor nanocrystals or quantum dots  are currently being explored for solution processable optoelectronic devices, and as candidates for developing third-generation photovoltaics. While the size-tunable bandgap and solution chemistry affords attractive opportunities, discrete quantum-confined electronic states have been researched for utilizing photons with energy higher than the nominal nanocrystal bandgap. Recently, we discovered new energy states in non-toxic, earth abundant semiconductor nanocrystals, which can be utilized for development of efficient optoelectronic devices like light emitting diodes (LEDs), and extremely-thin photovoltaics and photodetectors for absorption of incident solar radiation. I will summarize the recent efforts in my group on proof-of-concept demonstrations, in single nanoparticle studies and their ensemble counterpart nanoscaled devices, of these new energy states, and advances made towards utilizing high-energy photons and hot-carriers in nanostructured films.