(172h) Orifice Jamming of Fluid-Driven Granular Flow | AIChE

(172h) Orifice Jamming of Fluid-Driven Granular Flow


Wu, D. - Presenter, Colorado School of Mines
Sum, A. K., Colorado School of Mines
Koh, C., Colorado School of Mines
Sloan, E. D., Colorado School of Mines
Lafond, P. G., Colorado School Of Mines
Gilmer, M. W., Colorado School of Mines

The three-dimensional jamming of neutrally buoyant monodisperse, bidisperse, and tridisperse mixtures of particles flowing through a restriction under fluid flow has been studied. During the transient initial accumulation of particles at the restriction, a low probability of a jamming event is observed, followed by a transition to a steady-state flowing backlog of particles, where the jamming probability per particle reaches a constant. Analogous to the steady-state flow in gravity-driven jams, this results in a geometric distribution describing the number of particles that discharge prior to a jamming event. We develop new models to describe the transition from an accumulation to a steady-state flow, and the jamming probability after the transition has occurred. Predictions of the behavior of the geometric distribution see the log-probability of a jam occurring proportionally to (R2 − 1), where R2 is the ratio of opening diameter to the second moment number average particle diameter. This behavior is demonstrated to apply to more general restriction shapes, and collapses for all mixture compositions for the restriction sizes tested.