(169d) Catalytic Microwave Pyrolysis of Douglas Fir Pellets With Carbon Catalysts Derived From Corn Stover

Zhu, L. - Presenter, Washington State University
Lei, H., Washington State University
Wang, L., Washington State University

Abstract: This study investigated catalytic microwave pyrolysis of Douglas fir sawdust pellets using carbon catalysts produced from corn stover with particle size from 0.25 to 2 mm. The effects of reaction time, temperature and catalyst to biomass ratio on the bio-oil, syngas, and biochar yields were determined. Functional groups (carbonyls, phenolics, lactones, carboxyls) of carbon catalysts and GC/MS analysis were used to study the catalytic microwave pyrolysis of Douglas fir sawdust pellets. Surface functional groups on carbon catalysts were quantified by modified Boehm titration method with bases of different ionization potential before and after catalytic pyrolysis. GC/MS analysis results showed that the bio-oil contained a series of important and useful chemical compounds. Comparison between the bio-oils from microwave pyrolysis with and without carbon catalyst showed that the variation of surface functional groups amount has a close relationship with yield of pyrolysis products under the performance of corn stover derived carbon catalysts.



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