(166g) Production Of Renewable Diesel A NOVEL MICRO-Scale Based Reactor

Atadana, F. - Presenter, Oregon State University
Jovanovic, G. N., Oregon State University

In this study a novel micro scale reactor was developed for conversion of palm olein into diesel range fuel with a thin layer of NiMoP/Al2O3 deposited on the walls of reactor. The study was performed with liquid feed concentrations of 5wt%, 25wt% and 50wt% palm olein in dodecane, temperature 275-350oC and pressure 10-35bar. Increasing temperature and pressure resulted in increased selectivity towards diesel range hydrocarbons. Decrease in hydrogen/ oil mole ratio with increasing palm olein feed concentration lowered conversion and selectivity towards diesel range products. The intensification of mass transfer afforded by the micro-scale reactor, achieved 100% conversion of palm olein at unconventionally high WHSV of 50-200h-1.