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(155e) The Recent Progresses in Polymeric Hollow Fiber Membranes for Clean Water and Clean Energy

Chung, T. S., National University of Singapore

In Nature complex molecular separation processes are controlling strategic aspects of life and evolution. Multifunctional membrane operations are often the core of the systems. Science and Engineering have been realized important progresses in the understanding of these phenomena and in their design  for reproducing their potentialities artificially at industrial level or in medicine.

Artificial polymeric and inorganic membranes have been already studied and realised with important impacts on strategic aspects of our life. Dominant role has today membrane engineering for solving water stress by desalination and water reuse. Significant contribution to new form of energy systems might be related in the next future to the utilization of salinity gradient, via PRO or RED. The design of integrated membrane operations where fresh water production, energy production, and metals and various salts recovery will be realized simultaneously is becoming an interesting possibility.

New membrane reactors and membrane contactors will contribute to the realization of these objectives.