(146d) Bioremediation of Cu(II) Contaminated Aqueous Solution Using Acinetobactor Sp

Majumder, S., Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Raghuvanshi, S., Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) - BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, Rajasthan, India
Gupta, S., Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Bioremediation of metal wastes using enriched mixed consortium of microbial species is a very promising and viable alternative in environmental biotechnology. Present study deals with the removal of divalent copper [Cu(II)] compound from aqueous solution using Acinetobactor sp. (GenBank Accession Number: HQ538658.1), an indigenous bacterial strain which is isolated from enriched mixed culture. Enrichment of mixed culture is carried for a period of 6 days. At the end of the enrichment period, the biomass concentration obtained is 0.0187 g/L of solution. The effect of different operating conditions such as contact time, initial pH and amount of nutrient dosage on bioremediation of Cu(II) are studied in a batch mode. The effect of contact time is studied for an initial Cu(II) concentration ranging from 60-150 mg/L. Increase in initial Cu(II) concentration from 60 mg/L to 150 mg/L shows better removal of Cu(II). The effect of initial pH is also studied by varying the solution pH in the range of 2 - 12. The maximum biomass growth obtained is 0.112 g/L at pH = 7.5 for initial Cu(II) concentration of 150 mg/L. The maximum percentage removal of Cu(II) is obtained for the initial Cu(II) concentration of 60 mg/L at the solution pH value of 7.5. Percentage removal of Cu(II) value is also compared with reported value of percentage removal of Cu(II). This study also shows that the microbial growth for Cu(II) removal is significantly affected by nutrient dosage. The optimum biomass growth obtained is 0.0248 g/L at double of the standard composition of MSM.

Keywords: Acinetobactor sp., Divalent copper; Bioremediation; Acclimated mixed culture, MSM.


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