(115f) Concept to Commercialization - How Can We Improve The Process? | AIChE

(115f) Concept to Commercialization - How Can We Improve The Process?


The journey toward commercialization of chemical processes is fraught with issues that can reduce the quality of the desired end product – an operating process effectively producing a targeted product to the required specifications and economic performance. As the chemical industry becomes increasingly competitive on a global scale, it is becoming more imperative than ever to avoid these pitfalls. This increasingly competitive environment also dictates that there is a significant advantage for those who can bring processes to commercialization in the shortest possible time. Increased speed of development can lead to more of the issues that can reduce the product and economic quality of the final process, so it is more important than ever to improve the work processes for development and commercialization that allow all of these objectives to be fully met. Methods are discussed which can help reduce project timelines and, at the same time, deliver commercial processes which meet all of their expectations.


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