Membrane Distillation, Membrane Contactors and Membrane Crystallization II | AIChE

Membrane Distillation, Membrane Contactors and Membrane Crystallization II


Sirkar, K. K., New Jersey Institute of Technology


Drioli, E., Research Institute on Membrane Technology, ITM-CNR

Membrane contactors are being utilized for a variety of separations. Separation problems of interest being solved using membrane contactors are numerous. A few examples include: membrane degassing, VOC stripping, CO2 absorption/stripping, vapor-liquid contacting, metal extraction, organics extraction, volatile absorption/stripping etc. Membrane condenser, membrane strippers and scrubbers, supported liquid membranes and membrane emulsification are becoming interesting alternatives and part of the integrated operation in water desalination, water recovery and reuse, metals recovery, salts concentration, etc. Papers dealing with process concepts, process performance, membrane transport modeling, module scale-up and membrane system demonstration are welcome. Presentations describing membrane contactors being used as reactors are also welcome.




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