Interfacial Aspects in Nanosensors | AIChE

Interfacial Aspects in Nanosensors


Song, Q., University of New Hampshire


Gu, Z., University of Massachusetts Lowell

This session focuses on nanosensors that are composed of varieties of nanostructured components that can response to external cues. Such nanostructured materials include, but not limited to, nanoparticles, quantum dots, nanorods, nanowires, nanotubes, graphenes, and thin films. Nanosensors have been shown to possess great potentials in the detection of ultra-low level of pollutants, explosives, and important biomolecules such as DNA and proteins with outstanding sensitivity. Multiplexing has also been shown in the nanowire-based sensor systems. Surface and interfacial science and engineering are essential in understanding the sensing mechanisms. The performance of nanosensors is often dominated by the surface phenomena. In-depth study of surface and interfacial properties of nanosensors will help in improving the sensitivity and selectivity of sensing devices. This session welcomes submissions that are focused on any aspects of the surface and interfacial science of nanosensors.



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