Chemical Looping Processes 1 -- Metal Oxides and Supports Chemical Looping Processes

Whitty, K., University of Utah

Chemical Looping processes involve cycling a solid between two reactors to selectively transport a chemical such as oxygen (for combustion) or carbon dioxide (for CO2 removal).  The successful Chemical Looping Processes session is being held for the fifth year in a row to addresses advances in development of chemical looping processes such as combustion reforming, hybrid-combustion gasification, including systems for CO2 capture, hydrogen productions, and other novel chemical looping technologies.  Technical presentations that address the following issues are requested: - Carrier materials for chemical looping systems - Chemical looping combustion - Chemical looping reforming - Chemical looping systems for capture of CO2 (pre/post combustion) - Hybrid combustion-gasification using chemical looping - Chemical looping reactor design - Material and energy or exergy balances for chemical looping systems - Experience from operation of chemical looping systems - Modeling of chemical looping systems - Techno-economic feasibility analysis for chemical looping systems - Novel chemical looping processes



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