(653b) Hydrothermal Preparation of Ceramic Nanowires

Zhang, X., Novarials Corporation
Wang, Z., Novarials Corporation
Allegrezza, A., Congress Street Consulting LLC

One-dimensional nanostructured materials are gaining significant attentions in academic and industrial research communities. The most important and extensively studied one, carbon nanotubes, has found dozens of applications. Inorganic nanowires, own to their wide choice of elements and versatile properties, are predicted to have much wider applications than carbon nanotubes. At least dozens of kinds of inorganic nanowires have fabricated so far. Because most inorganic nanowires are currently prepared at high cost via often complicated preparation procedures, many researchers are still focusing on their high-value end applications such as in electronics, sensors, displays etc.

Hydrothermal growth has demonstrated to be a powerful procedure for preparing high quality and precisely engineered inorganic nanowires. In this talk, we present our recent progresses on the hydrothermal growth of several important inorganic nanowires including titania nanowire, alumina nanowire, magnesia nanowire, molybdenum oxide nanowire, and vanadium oxide nanowires etc. The growth parameters such as precursor choice, precursor concentration, temperature, duration, and additives are demonstrated.

The commercial availability of these premium inorganic nanowires opens up a wide opportunity for fabricating novel products and devices using these premium basic building blocks.

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