(477b) Clean Pyrolytic Sugars Solution

Rover, M., Iowa State University
Brown, R. C., Iowa State University

This study focuses on the effective removal of contaminants from pyrolytic sugar to produce a suitable fermentation substrate. Pyrolytic sugars contain small percentages of other water soluble constituents such as low molecular weight acids, furfural, phenols, as well as other contaminants. A novel approach to “cleaning” the pyrolytic sugars prior to microbial fermentation has been developed and we will present our recent findings, innovative advances and strategies.

Bio-oil may be the most economical approach to advanced biofuel production. Produced from the fast pyrolysis of biomass, bio-oil contains hundreds of chemical compounds. Among the most commercially important components of bio-oil are sugars and phenols.

Significant progress has been achieved in the advancement of bio-oil collection, allowing for an effective bio-oil fractionation method for the separation of the pyrolytic sugars and the lignin derived constituents. A simple “water wash” removes the soluble sugars from the water insoluble components, providing a potential aqueous fermentable sugar stream.

This research focuses on various strategies and separation techniques to remove contaminants from the pyrolytic sugar stream.