(393s) Detection of Cancer Specific EML4-ALK Fusion Gene Based On FRET Between Quantum Dots and Gold Nanoparticles

Lee, K., Yonsei University
Kim, H. C., Yonsei University

Detection of
Cancer Specific EML4-ALK Fusion Gene Based on FRET between Quantum Dots and
Gold Nanoparticles

critical area of activity is the development of robust and accurate diagnostics
for the routine identification of ALK translocations in lung adenocarcinoma.
However, the diagnosis of oncogenic EML4-ALK fusion gene is challenging due to a
large number of different EML4-ALK variant. In this study, we have developed a
detection method for variants3 of EML4-ALK fusion gene based on Föster resonance
energy transfer (FRET) between quantum dots and gold nanoparticles. To
fabricate this sensor, CdSe/ZnSe/ZnS quantum dots and gold nanoparticles were
functionalized using four different types of probe oligonucleotides were
designed to be a perfect match to EML4-ALK fusion gene. Addition of complementary
target DNAs into the suspensions of quantum dots-DNA conjugates and AuNPs-DNA
conjugates, fluorescence quenching of quantum dots occurred due to energy
transfer from quantum dots to gold nanoparticles. This method could be
successfully used to simultaneously detect presence of two types of EML4-ALK variant3.
This system provides a simple, fast, inexpensive, and highly sensitive way to
detect fusion genes.

1. Schematics of detection

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