(393bf) Magnetic Polyolefin-Based Nanocomposites

Wei, S., Lamar University
Guo, Z., Lamar University

Magnetic polyolefin-based nanocomposites were fabricated through a facile low-temperature (~ 140 °C) thermal decomposition of organo-metallic precursor, i.e. Fe(CO)5 or Co2(CO)8 in solution condition. The whole fabrication includes dissolution of polyolefin-based hosting matrix in refluxing organic solvent followed by the injection of metallic precursor to perform the in-situ thermal decomposition step. The particle sizes, morphology and dispersion quality of these in-situ synthesized magnetic nanoparticles were investigated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Room temperature mössbauer spectrum analysis was used to determine the exact species of these magnetic nanoparticles. Room temperature magnetic property investigation was utilized to further reveal the magnetic behaviors for these nanocomposites by specify the saturation magnetization and coercivity. Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) was used to determine the thermal stability of these as-prepared nanocomposites and these particle loadings. The formation mechanisms of these magnetic particles were proposed by the evidence of TEM observations and detailed evolutions will be presented as well.
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