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(261c) Droplet Deposition From Consumer Products


Spicer, P. T. - Presenter, Procter and Gamble Co.

The last decade has seen amazing innovations in the design, synthesis, and fabrication of monodisperse colloids with complex shapes in relatively significant quantities.  However, many of the breakthrough examples in colloidal design are synthesized from certain materials that might not be usable in all applications.  In liquid consumer products many benefits are delivered via deposition of dispersed droplets onto hair, skin, and fabric and many breakthrough colloidal materials made from solids can not be used.   In this talk I will discuss our recent work on developing hybrid droplet materials that enable us to control shape, surface, and other properties.  Physical models of stability and deposition properties of the shaped droplets are used to design and produce droplets with a range of applications. Measurements of these new materials' impact on relevant performance metrics, like adhesion,  as well as the potential for droplet shape to impact product performance, will also be discussed.
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