(179i) The Nonlinear Viscoelastic Characteristics of Polymer Binder On Pbxs

Kim, H. S., Agency for Defense Development
Shim, J. S., Agency for Defense Development
Lee, J. M., Agency for Defense Development

Plastic bonded explosive(PBX) is mainly composed of the nitramine explosive and the polymer binder.  PBX is characterized by high velocity and pressure of detonation, low vulnerability and good thermal stability.  Many important applications of PBX require the good mechanical properties and the good adhesion between explosives and the binder. 

 Time dependent compressive properities of composite exploseves have been determined by stress-strain curves obtained at different strain rates and temperatures.  Both the small deformation and ultimate property can be representes by master curves, which are functions only of the experimental time scale, along with a temperature function.  The mechanical properites of adhesion between the binder and explosive particle has been investigated by determining RDS.  The interface was observed throught SEM. 

 It is supposed that this phenomenon is derived from a strong interaction force between binder molecules and a strong adhesion force between the binder and explosive particles.  This results will predict  the interaction between explosive powder and polymer binder from viscoelastic properties.

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