(128e) Co-Pyrolysis/Gasification of Coal and Biomass | AIChE

(128e) Co-Pyrolysis/Gasification of Coal and Biomass


Agblevor, F. - Presenter, Utah State University

Coal is a major primary energy source for USA, however, coal is also a major source of carbon dioxide and other associated pollutants.  On the other hand, biomass is nearly carbon neutral and contain less pollutants than coal.  Thus, by combining coal and biomass, potential both carbon dioxide and pollutant emissions may be reduced considerably.  We investigated the pyrolysis/gasification of various biomass feedstocks (corn stover, hybrid poplar, and switchgrass) and sub-bituminous coal in both fluidized bed reactor, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and pyroprobe gas chromatographic analysis.  Various ratios of coal to biomass were investigated. The TGA analysis showed that whereas the corn stover and and switchgrass appeared to influence the maximum weight loss at 400oC,the polar wood had minimal influence on this peak.  In the case of the poplar, the coal and the wood appeared to behave independently.  Data will also be presented on the co-pyrolysis/gasification in a fluidized bed reactor.
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