Semiconductor Nanowires and Nanotubes for Next Generation Photovoltaics – From Fundamentals to Devices

Semiconductor nanowires and nanotubes of a variety of materials (e.g. group IV, III-V, II-VI, oxide, chalcogenide, etc.) are being utilized as light-harvesting components in next generation photovoltaic devices. However, important fundamental issues must be addressed before highly efficient devices can be realized and this session seeks to highlight high-impact research in this burgeoning area of chemical engineering and materials science. Contributed papers are solicited on topics including: nanowire and nanotube synthesis; structure-dependent optoelectronic properties; dopant incorporation and activation; surface passivation and functionalization; axial, radial, and superlattice heterostructures; light trapping and third generation photophysics; single wire and large area devices. Invited speakers include: Jason Baxter, Drexel Univ.; Michael Strano, MIT; Brain Korgel, Univ. of Texas- Austin.



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