(744b) Concentrically Electrospun Enzyme Fibers | AIChE

(744b) Concentrically Electrospun Enzyme Fibers


Balkus, Jr., K. J. - Presenter, University of Texas at Dallas
Tran, D. N. - Presenter, University of Texas at Dallas

Cellulase and glucose oxidase fibers were successfully fabricated through core-shell electrospinning.  Fibers provide a higher surface area when compared to protein immobilized on films, translating to higher active site accessibility and activity.  Core-shell electrospining is used to allow the spinning of materials that do not readily electrospin. The outer shell material acts as a guiding sheath hat aids fiber formation of the inner core material.  In our study, we have electrospun cellulase and glucose oxidase within the inner core of varying polymer sheaths.  The fibers were then treated with glutaraldehyde vapor to cross-link the inner-core enzyme.  The outer shell material was then washed away leaving only the cross-linked inner core enzyme.  Fibers were still active after the cross-linking and washing procedure.  These fibers have potential to be incorporated as reactive membranes for the production of biofuels (cellulase) or biofuel cells electrodes (glucose oxidase).