(725a) Synthesis of Zeolites from an Energy Conserving Route Using Seed Directed Crystallization

Hill, J., New Mexico State University
Dunwell, M., New Mexico State University
Lwoya, B., New Mexico State University
Deng, S., New Mexico State University
Luo, H., New Mexico State University
Lin, Q., New Mexico State University

Synthesis of Zeolite Y From an Energy Conserving Route Using Seed Directed Crystallization.

The need for renewable energy is of great importance as the supply of petroleum based fuels dwindle. Due to their porous structure and Brönsted acidity, zeolite Y is an excellent candidate for the conversion of fatty acid methyl esters produced from algal biomass to more energy dense hydrocarbons. We will report on a seed directed synthesis technique for the crystallization of zeolite-Y without the use of organic templates. This synthesis is controlled by the composition of the solution, followed by growth of the zeolite seeds to larger sizes by incorporation of precursors from the solution. The exclusion of organic templates allows for the elimination of the calcination step to remove organics from the framework of the material. Compared to the more traditional synthesis route involving organotemplates, seed directed synthesis via hydrothermal treatment at 200oC is a less energy intensive process, which makes it more appealing for an industrial application. The structure of the synthesized zeolite was characterized using x-ray diffraction. Topology and morphology was investigated using both scanning and transmission electron microscopy.