(672e) Modification of Carbon Supports for Novel Platinum-Based Water-Gas Shift Catalysts

Zugic, B. - Presenter, Tufts University
Zhai, Y. - Presenter, Tufts University

Recent studies have shown that platinum-based water-gas shift catalysts supported on metal oxides can be promoted by the addition of alkali metals. Controlling the Group VIII metal-alkali metal interaction during the preparation of these materials, however, is difficult by standard catalyst preparation methods. As a consequence, isolating and understanding these complexes has been a challenge. Here we present a novel approach to controlling the deposition of the alkali metal and platinum using modified carbons. The stability of carbon relative to metal oxides allows for the introduction of oxygen groups on to the surface, which in turn provides a template for the addition and dispersion of alkali metals and platinum. The ability to control the functionality allows for a better understanding of the surface chemistry at work in these materials. The preparation and characterization of these catalysts by x-ray absorption and electron microscopy techniques will be presented.