(654g) Multiple Inline Spectroscopy for Multiphase Reaction Monitoring At High Pressure

Liauw, M. A., RWTH Aachen University
Hardy, S., RWTH Aachen University

The characterisation of reactive systems under reaction conditions requires non-invasive analytics with a high time resolution that can be implemented into a high pressure setup. In situ spectroscopy with fibre-optical ATR probes (both mid-IR and UV-vis) in autoclaves obviously are a very potent tool for kinetic and thermodynamic investigations. Starting from general considerations, the design, construction, testing and usage of an autoclave is presented that permits both spectroscopies in both the upper and lower phase (liquid-liquid or gas-liquid). The combination with transmission spectroscopy permits the monitoring of nanoparticle catalyzed reactive systems. Various examples for in situ monitoring will be presented.