(629i) Optimal Design In Biodiesel Production From Esterification of Palmitic Acid In Excess Methanol

Chen, B., National Cheng Kung University
Chan, Y., National Cheng Kung University
Ð?ng, T. H., National Cheng Kung University
Lee, D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Optimization of esterification of palmitic acid in excess methanol by solid acid catalyst, viz. Amberlite™ IR-120 (H) resin, is studied by combining backward stepwise regression technique with a 25-1 fractional factorial design. Optimum conditions are found as follows: 8:1 in the molar feed ratio of methanol to palmitic acid, a reaction temperature as 61.0 °C, a reaction time of 10.5 h, catalyst loadings at 10 wt% of palmitic acid, and a stirring speed of 600 rpm. At this condition, conversion efficiency of palmitic acid to palmitic acid methyl ester reaction is near 98.9%.