(629ah) Development of a Fluidized-Bed Catalytic Cracking (FCC) System with On-Line Product Analyses for Conversion of Activated Sludge to Green Fuels

Holmes, W., Mississippi State University
Hernandez, R., Mississippi State University
French, T., Mississippi State University

The annual production of activated sludges in the United States ranges from 7 – 8 million tons, which are being disposed by land-filling or incineration. These disposal methods are heavily regulated and could create adverse environmental impacts. Activated sludges contain microbial consortiums known to produce lipidic materials and many other organic compounds, which could be used to produce biofuels and specialty chemicals. This study focused on modification of a Parr flow reactor for in situ production of green fuel from activated sludge by fluid-bed catalytic cracking. The modifications include on-line analyses to monitor product formation and reaction completion. The on-line analyses use two gas chromatographs for fixed gases and hydrocarbons.