(620j) Sustainable Integration of Industrial Gaseous Emissions

Segovia-Hernández, J. G., Universidad de Guanajuato
Ponce-Ortega, J. M., Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo

For the optimal location of a new industrial plant usually only the economic aspect are considered, and the environmental problems that the gaseous emissions produce over the surrounding areas are identified after the installation of the new plant; then there is required to include a new treatment system to satisfy the environmental regulations, which impacts the associated costs. In this regard, nowadays it is very important to consider the environmental aspects simultaneously with the economic aspects since the process design stage to yield sustainable processes. Therefore, this work presents a new mathematical programming model to determine the location of a new industrial plant considering the environmental impact of the gaseous emissions; the model considers the gaseous components that affect the quality of the air in the surrounding places to the industrial facilities and the integration of these waste streams inside the plants. In addition, the model takes into account the economical aspects with the optimal location of the new plant; whereas different environmental constrains that ensure the sustainability of the new plant are included in the model. The model is formulated through of a superstructure, were the process sources that require treatment to eliminate some hazardous components are considered, these gaseous streams are recycled and reused in the process units and other are sent to the environment but satisfying the environmental constraints. A new material flow analysis model is proposed to consider the effect of the gaseous emissions in the surrounding areas to the industrial facilities. The objective function consists in minimizing the total annual cost, which includes the treatment cost of the process sources and the allocation cost for the new plant (land cost, transportation of raw materials cost, supplies, etc), piping cost and treatment cost. The model considers different options for the location of a new plant taking into account the effect of the emissions in the nearby cities to ensure reduce the impact of the gaseous components in the environmental. To show the applicability of the proposed methodology an example to locate a new industrial plant in the central part of Mexico is considered; which considers different options for the location of the new industrial facilities accounting for the economic and the environmental impact.