(618bw) Metal Oxide Nanofibers for Oxygen Detection At High Temperature

Liu, Y., University of Connecticut
Ding, Y., University of Connecticut
Gao, H., University of Connecticut
Lei, Y., University of Connecticut

A high temperature oxygen sensor was developed based on electrospun metal oxide nanofibers. The morphology of the nanofibers was investigated by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The as-prepared nanofibers were employed to detect oxygen at 800 ­ oC. The structure and composition of nanofibers before and after oxygen detection was characterized by X-ray diffraction.  The conductivity of the metal oxide nanofibers was hugely enhanced at high temperature. The sensor showed good sensitivity, fast response and concentration dependence towards oxygen detection.  In addition, the device has good thermal stability and reproducibility after operating at 800 oC for several days. These good results indicate the great potential of as-prepared metal oxide nanofibers in the application of high temperature gas sensors.