(617a) A Modeling Strategy to Predict the Hydrodynamic In Stirred Tanks with Moving Free Surface

The knowledge of the shape of the free surface in stirred tanks is of particular interest for the security of the equipments as well as for the quality of end-use products to name a few. The prediction of the free surface topography by numerical simulation is in general a difficult problem. Most CFD studies were conducted assuming a fixed flat free surface restricting the range of operating conditions where no free surface deformation should occur. To alleviate this limitation, we assume that the free surface moves along the axial direction of the vessel. The prediction of its configuration is achieved by the liquid level height function technique. This approach is implemented within the finite element method framework in combination with the fictitious domain method for the discretization of the governing equations of change as well as for the handling of the impeller. In the presentation, after a summary of the body of knowledge on free surface flows in agitated tanks, we will present the numerical methodology developed and the results obtained considering a common technology impeller for the mixing of a Newtonian fluid in laminar-transition regime.