(589f) Comparison of Different Process Routes From Coal with Energy and Exergy Analysis

Yao, Y. - Presenter, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Comparison of different process routes
from coal with energy and exergy analysis

Y. H. Yaoa,b, Y.J. Chen a,b, X. P. Zhanga,*, S. J. Zhang a,  B. Z. Renb , J. H. Wangb

aInstitute of Process
Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100190, Beijing
, China

b School of Chemical
Engineering and Energy, Zhengzhou University, 450001,
Zhengzhou, China

*Corresponding author: xpzhang@mail.ipe.ac.cn (X. P. Zhang)

has plenty coal resource but there are many ways to utilize coal to product
fuels and natural gas, et al. Facing the problem of energy shortage in the
world and the target of cutting CO<sub>2</sub> emission, the
question of sifting the best one from existing process routes of coal utilization
should be solved at first, it matters whether coal sector of China can satisfy
the demand of low carbon economy and that the development form of Chinese coal
resource in the future.

this study, considering the existing process routes of coal, models of the
direct coal liquefaction process, the direct coal combustion process, the
coking process and coal gasification process for F-T synthesis oil and natural
gas production were developed. Based on simulation results, combining with the
industrial data, both the conservation of energy and the quality of energy for
the processes were investigated. Exergy loss, CO<sub>2</sub>
emissions and yield of the four process routes were calculated and compared.
For the four systems, the carbon and hydrogen flows were analyzed, and the main
reasons for carbon loss and the hydrogen atom utilization were discussed. The
results can provide a roadmap for the future coal utilization with low global
warming effect and high energy utilization.


This research was supported by the National
Basic Research Program of China (973 Program, 2009CB219900)  and State Science and Technology Support
Program (2009BAC64B00).


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