(542b) New Concepts In Energy Transport within Carbon Nanotubes: Thermopower Waves

Strano, M. - Presenter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Our laboratory has been interested in how carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can be utilized to illustrate new concepts in molecular and energy transfer.  We predict and demonstrate the concept of thermopower waves for energy generation.  Coupling an exothermic chemical reaction with a thermally conductive CNT creates a self-propagating reaction wave driven along its length. We realize such waves in multi-walled CNTs and show that they produce concomitant electrical pulses of high specific power-- greater than 7 kW/kg.  Such waves of high power density may find uses as unique energy sources.

Choi W, Hong S, Abrahamson JT, Han JH, Song C, Nair N, Baik S, Strano MS: Chemically driven carbon-nanotube-guided thermopower waves. NATURE MATERIALS, 9 (2010) 423-429.