(485a) The Capture of Carbon Dioxide by Ionic Liquid

Zhang, J., Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ionic liquid is one kind of organic salts with negligible volatile pressure which might lead to promising substitute candidates for alkanolamines in separation of carbon dioxide. To satisfy this requirement effectively, task specific ionic liquids with alkaline groups, such as imidazolium cation and natural amino acid anions with NH2-, imidazolium anions with –N(-), or phenate and ethylate with R-O- as anions were designed and synthesized. Intermolecular or intramolecular proton transfer mechanism determines the equilibrium sorption mole ratio. Earlier research focuses on the attempt on displace of functional group within different position in structure of ionic liquid. It is time of significance to look insight into this process from molecular level and illustrate the effect of hydrogen bond net on the sorption mechanism of new designed functional ionic liquids.