(435a) Hot Water Extraction with pH Control and Subsequent Kraft Pulping of Pine Wood Chips

Smith, A. J. - Presenter, Auburn University
Krishnagopalan, G. - Presenter, Auburn University
Cullinan, H. T. - Presenter, Auburn University

This research investigated the effects of pre-extraction time, temperature, and pH on the rate and quantity of sugars recovered from Loblolly pine wood chips and the impact this treatment has on pulp kappa number and yield.  Composition analysis of raw chips, extracted chips, pulp, and hydrolyzate were performed to assess the hemicellulose extraction efficiency and subsequent yield loss during kraft pulping of Loblolly pine. 

A pseudo kinetic model of prehydrolysis extraction was developed from the hydrolyzate sugar concentration data.  This modified H-factor model described the sugar extraction data except when significant degradation of sugars was observed.  The data for chip weight loss and pulp yield also fit a smooth curve when plotted against the modified H-factor.