(3bb) Microfluidic Methods for Nanofiber and Nanoparticle Synthesis | AIChE

(3bb) Microfluidic Methods for Nanofiber and Nanoparticle Synthesis


Gundabala, V. R. - Presenter, Georgia Institute of Technology

This poster will highlight my research interests in the areas of Microfluidics and Functional Coatings. In the poster I will also summarize my past research experience during my PhD and Postdoctoral work involving studies on droplet generation using Microfluidics and on Waterborne polymer nanocomposite coatings. Nanofibers and nanocomposite fibers find wide-ranging applications as tissue templates, filtration media, reinforcements in composite developments, and medical prostheses. Micro and nano particles find wide-ranging applications in encapsulation of food additives, targeted drug delivery, photonic applications, etc. My past research in Microfluidics has shown the ease with which one can change from droplet generation mode to a whipping jet mode in a microfluidic channel. Based on that, my current interest lies in developing novel microfluidic techniques for steady generation of monodisperse emulsion droplets as well as solid particles and particles with core-shell morphologies. In addition, I will focus on implementing electrospinning in microfluidic devices, with an aim to expand the parameter space of control over the fiber properties. My other research interests include investigating the applicability of nanocomposite materials as functional coatings through synthesis and film formation studies.