(370a) Deviations From Plug-Flow and 1-D Thermal Behavior for Breakthrough Tests with Zeolite CaA, Water Vapor, and Carbon Dioxide

Ebner, A. D., University of South Carolina
Ritter, J. A., University of South Carolina
Wang, Y., Vanderbilt University

Breakthrough tests are typically used to empirically derive mass transfer coefficients for sorbent/sorbate systems and heat transfer coefficients for packed beds. We have observed that, for certain sorbent/sorbate system simulated with the axially dispersed plug flow equation and a 1-D thermal model, it is not possible to simultaneously match the observed breakthrough curve and the observed temperature profiles with a single mass transfer coefficient. The mass transfer coefficient required to align the experimental and simulated temperature profile peaks results in a mismatch of the experimental and simulated breakthrough curve. Comparisons between experimental and simulated results for breakthrough tests with zeolite CaA, water vapor, and carbon dioxide are presented and discussed.