(335b) Effect of Stokes Number On Dilute Turbulent Liquid-Solid Flow: An Experimental and Numerical Study

Rao, A. A., University of Florida
Pepple, M., University of Florida
Rangarajan, D., University of Florida

This work presents an experimental and numerical study of dilute turbulent liquid-particle flow spanning a wide range of Stokes numbers. LDV/PDPA experiments performed with 0.5, 1 and 1.5 mm glass particles, with solid concentration 0.7-3% by volume and in highly turbulent water with Re ~ 2x105-5x105 investigate the viscous, transitional and collisional flow regimes in a vertical pipe.

The experimental data are used for validating an Eulerian based two-fluid model from which flow predictions are obtained. The drag force, solid stress, and the fluctuating energy interaction closures (previously published and developed herein) vary depending on whether the suspension is in the viscous, transitional or collisional flow regimes. The numerical results compare favorably to the experimental data.