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(289e) Monte Carlo Calculations of the Virial Coefficients for Development of Potential Models


Shaul, K. R. S. - Presenter, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Kofke, D. - Presenter, State University of New York-Buffalo

The second and third virial coefficients, B2and B3, have long played a role in the development of simple pair potentials because these quantities can be computed rapidly as integrals over configuration space and extracted reliably from experimental data.  Consideration of the virial coefficients during model development is expanding to larger numbers of molecules and more complex model forms as the advancement of targeted Monte Carlo methods facilitates their computation.  Path-integral Monte Carlo has enabled computation of the uniquely quantum contributions to B2and B3 for monatomic gases [1], which are required for meaningful comparisons to experimental data at low temperature.  Mayer-sampling Monte Carlo has made possible computation of classical virial coefficients for a wide range of models, including B4 for the TraPPE-UA model of icosane [2], B5 for the Gaussian charge polarizable model of water [3], and B8 for the Lennard-Jones model [4]. 

Here we present two extensions of the Mayer-sampling Monte Carlo approach designed to facilitate development of potential models.  The first provides an estimate of the error in the classical virial coefficient for an ab initio potential model relative to that of the quantum-mechanical model it approximates and identifies configurations appropriate for inclusion within the fitting procedure.  The second is designed to facilitate path-integral Monte Carlo calculations of quantum contributions to the virial coefficients beyond third order.

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