(245b) Hard Carbon Spheres As Micro-Bearings for Water-Based Lubrication

Pesika, N., Tulane University
St.Dennis, J., Tulane University
Jin, K., Tulane University
John, V. T., Tulane University

Lubricants play an integral role in the operation of several technologies and in biology, ranging from moving parts in machinery to the biolubrication of articular joints.  We have found that a colloidal dispersion consisting of easily synthesized highly spherical and uniform carbon particles coupled with a surfactant coating results in an effective water-based lubricant with low friction coefficients and excellent surface wear protection.  We propose that these particles use a rolling mechanism similar to nano- or microscale ball bearings under confinement.   The effect of several system parameters of lubrication including particle size, surfactant coating, and surface chemistry will be presented.