(240f) Numerical Simulation of Flow Characteristic and Coking Analysis In An FCC Disengager

Juan, W., China University of Petroleum,Beijing
Mao, Y., China University of Petroleum,Beijing
Wang, J., China University of Petroleum,Beijing

A full-size numerical simulation was carried out.  Model and Eulerian Model were applied to simulate the flow in an FCC disengager. All details of oil gas and catalyst in the flow domain were obtained. It was shown that few oil gas flowing from the discharge of primary cyclone separator with some catalyst enter into the space of disengager directly. The low velocity and long resident time of oil gas and catalyst in the disengagement space were the main reason of coking. Some oil gas and catalyst attached and deposited on the wall, which accelerated the coking degree on the wall within the disengager and oil gas collector chamber, outside the primary and secondary cyclone separator.