(13g) Low Temperature Gasification of Impregnated Biomass Feedstock

Agblevor, F. - Presenter, Utah State University
Aradi, A. - Presenter, Afton Chemical Inc
Jao, T. - Presenter, Afton Chemical

Hybrid poplar biomass feedstocks were impregnated with catalysts and gasified at three different temperatures in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor.  The impregnated biomass were gasified  in a nitrogen atmosphere at 400  oC, 600o C, and 800 oC. The gas yield increased with increasing temperature as expected and the char and liquid yields decreased with increasing temperature.  Te catalytic effect was observed at 400 C when the impregnated gasification was compared with the control that did not contain any catalyst.  At 400 C, the impregnated sample had a gas yield of 51wt% compared to 41 wt% for the non-catalytic gasification at 450 C.  The char yield was 11 wt% compared to 14 wt% for the non-catalytic run at 450 C.  The char yield decreased from 11 wt% to 6.5 wt% when the gasification temperature was increased from 400 to 800 C.  Although there was 88 wt% gas yield at 800 C, the thermal effect was very strong and the catalyst was not effective in cracking the lignin degradation products.   Thus, this catalyst needs considerable improvement to effectively crack the  lignin fraction of the biomass pyrolysis products.