(121g) The Importance of Curvature At the Nano-Scale: How and Why Curvature Influences Self-Assembly

Walker, D. A., Northwestern University
Grzybowski, B., Northwestern University

While there has been significant progress in controlling the size, shape and properties of nanomaterials, their controlled assembly into nanostrucutres remains a significant challenge.  To date, many nanoparticles (NPs) of unusual shapes have been reported - but the role which curvature plays on the surface chemistry of these particles remains a mystery. We recently found that the pKa of carboxylic acids bound to the surface of NPs deviates drastically compared to values for free ligands in solution. Interestingly, simply by controlling the size/shape of a NP, one can control the degree of charge on charged NP surface, shift the redox potentials of ligands on a NP surface and more. A mixture of experimental and theoretical results will be presented.