Polymer Thin Films and Interfaces II | AIChE

Polymer Thin Films and Interfaces II


Lutkenhaus, J., Texas A&M University


Olsen, B. D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This session is dedicated to investigations of the chemistry, structure, morphology, and properties of polymeric materials in interfacial regions. It is well understood that the interfacial properties of a material can be significantly different than the bulk properties. Understanding these interfacial regions is becoming increasingly important as the trend towards miniaturization and integration continues, leading to devices with an increasing number of interfaces and complex material formulations. Device performance is often dictated by the interfacial properties of a material. Examples include organic electronics which rely on a well organized dielectric layers, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) which rely on a thin lubricant layer to prevent adhesion, integrated circuits which rely on well controlled patterning of organic films, or biological systems which rely on interfacial regions to govern transport of critical molecules. Theoretical, computational, and experimental papers are welcome on polymeric interfacial properties as well as research investigating emerging technologies through the exploitation of polymeric interfacial phenomena.



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