PAT and High Throughput Technologies for Process Development and Control | AIChE

PAT and High Throughput Technologies for Process Development and Control


Marek, J., Abbott Laboratories


Tom, J. W., Bristol-Myers Squibb

Application of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) for development and control of batch or continuous processes will be discussed. Presentation of case studies illustrating PAT applications in development or manufacturing settings are highly encouraged. Topics include, but are not limited to: scientifically based process design that identifies key measures of product quality and the critical process variables that affect them; measurement devices, statistical, and information technology tools for PAT implementation and production control; and process control strategies to ensure consistent product quality. This session welcomes presentations on recent applications of high-throughput methodologies and technology to accelerate process development. Process development areas include catalysis and reaction engineering, polymer reaction engineering, separations, crystallization and other unit operations for chemical and materials process development, polymerizations, emulsifications, emulsion polymerizations, small molecule chemistry, exothermic reactions, continuous flow chemistry, cell culture, medium and purification methodologies for bioprocess development, as well as other aspects of high throughput techniques not specifically mentioned. Contributions from industry are particularly encouraged.



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