Oxycombustion of Coal - Need, Opportunities, and Challenges I | AIChE

Oxycombustion of Coal - Need, Opportunities, and Challenges I


Eddings, E. G., The University of Utah


Linak, W. P., National Risk Management Research Laboratory, U.S. EPA
Wendt, J. O., ICSE, University of Utah

Oxycombustion (OC) of coal refers to using oxygen-enriched air as the oxidant. Compared to combustion with air, OC reduces NOx emissions and the elimination of nitrogen from the combustion air produces a CO2-rich sequestration-ready flue gas. This session will explore the science and engineering opportunities to deploy OC technology into the nation’s power production portfolio. Contributions are invited in the following: 1. recent results on OC of coal and other solid fuels; 2. burner redesign and retrofit options for OC; 3. ignition, devolatilization and pollutant formation mechanisms during OC; 4. kinetic and CFD modeling of OC processes; 5. engineering options for retrofitting; and, 6. new OC boiler design – materials and engineering challenges.



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