Interfacial Phenomena in Energy Systems | AIChE

Interfacial Phenomena in Energy Systems


Gu, Z., University of Massachusetts Lowell


Steingart, D., Energy Institute, City College of New York

Interfacial phenomena play a vital role in many energy systems. Whether one discusses the adsorption of hydrogen onto a platinum catalyst particle in a fuel cell, the transfer of charge across the dye-semiconductor interface in a photo-electrochemical cell or the adsorption of an enzyme on a cellulosic particle for the production of fuel ethanol, interfaces and the transport of material or energy across them play a direct role in the efficiency of any energy system. This session focuses on interfacial phenomena in energy systems, including traditional gas/oil/coal systems and nontraditional and renewable systems such as solar, biofuels, fuel cells, gas hydrates, supercapacitors, etc. Experimental and theoretical papers are both welcome.



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