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GENENTECH: A Rich History of Chemical Engineering Innovation

Throughout its history, Genentech scientists and engineers pioneered and then exploited the use of recombinant DNA technology to develop and manufacture proteins and monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic use. Today an entire industry uses these genetic engineering techniques in pursuit of novel medicines. Genentech is considered a leader in innovation and has developed and commercialized more than 16 novel medicines that address unmet medical needs. Much of the technology needed for process development, scale-up, and manufacturing of these medicines has relied on three decades of chemical engineering innovation.

Core to Genentech's success is the culture and values of the company. Innovative science is the basis of the company's existence and the foundation for its future. By building on its legacy of innovation, chemical engineers in the laboratory, in the pilot plants, in manufacturing, in engineering and in management will continue to play a key role in transforming the latest scientific breakthroughs into innovative medicines for our patients. This presentation will highlight the chemical engineering innovations that contributed to several breakthrough therapeutic medicines, and that inspire us to focus our imagination on what is possible for patients.