(747a) CO2-Capture Process Using Aminosilicone-Based Absorbents

Wood, B. R., General Electric
Genovese, S., General Electric
Perry, R. J., General Electric
Draper, S. D., GE Energy

A new, innovative class of liquid CO2 absorbents based on aminosilicones has been developed. These solvents benefit from increased CO2-capture capacity, low volatility, and high thermal stability compared to other CO2 absorbents, such as monoethanol amine (MEA). Based on initial estimates utilizing a commercial-scale pulverized-coal power plant model, the increase in cost of electricity due to carbon capture and sequestration of 90% of the CO2 in a flue gas stream using the aminosilicone-based absorbents will be less than 35%, compared to a greater than 80% increase for an MEA-based process. A continuous, lab-scale CO2-capture system, designed to take advantage of the unique properties of aminosilicone solvents has been developed. Details of the chemical and physical properties of the aminosilicone-based solvents and their resulting performance in the continuous, lab-scale CO2-capture system will be reported.