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(63a) Creating Chemistry for a Sustainable Supply Chain

BASF, the world's leading chemical company, has a strong history of programs to foster sustainable development, including our eco-efficiency life cycle analysis program which we developed in partnership with outside experts in 1996. To date we have conducted over 400 eco-efficiency analyses for markets as diverse as automotive, construction, nutrition ingredients and pharmaceuticals, in order to optimize environmental and economic aspects of these products. In 2010, BASF is the first chemical company to become a founding member of the Sustainability Consortium, an independent organization of consumer packaged goods companies, retailers, NGOs, government organization and academics. This group is striving to develop sustainability measurement and reporting standards intended for use by companies and consumers to understand sustainability aspects of various products. Based upon BASF's core strengths of innovating chemistry for a healthy and sustainable future, driving safety and environmental excellence in all of the supply chains we serve, and our commitment to improve quality of life and educate our business partners and other key stakeholders about sustainability, we intend to be a strong contributor in the development of these standards. This offers a unique opportunity to combine chemical expertise with environmental, social and economic aspects, in order to drive innovation for more sustainable products.