(625b) Accelerated Boundary Integral Method in Non-Periodic Geometries | AIChE

(625b) Accelerated Boundary Integral Method in Non-Periodic Geometries


Kumar, A. - Presenter, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graham, M. D. - Presenter, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

We present a fast O(NlogN) method for solving the Stokes flow boundary integral equation in an arbitrary geometry. The acceleration in the method is achieved by employing the General Geometry Ewald Like Method (GGEM)for computing the Green's function in the geometry of interest. Based on this Green's function, an efficient methodology is developed for computing the single and the double layer integrals in the boundary integral equation. Other details of the method including boundary discretization, integration techniques, and iterative solution procedure will also be discussed. A comparison with other accelerated boundary integral techniques for Stokes flow will be made. The efficacy of the method will be demonstrated by the solution of several large scale test problems involving the flow of red blood cells and vesicles in a slit geometry.