(611c) CO2 Capture with Ionic Liquid - Amine Solvents

Bara, J. E., University of Alabama

Solvents composed of ionic liquids and amines offer distinct advantages in post-combustion CO2 capture processes when compared to conventional aqueous amine solvents. By blending ionic liquids with common (e.g. MEA, MDEA, etc.) and/or advanced amines, solvents can be readily formulated to capture at least 90% of CO2 emissions from low pressure flue gas streams, such as those found at coal-fired power plants. Ionic liquids exhibit desirable properties for gas processing such as non-volatility and thermal and chemical stability. Associated benefits of ionic liquid - amine solvents include reduced energy usage, reduced solvent circulation rates, lower impact on COE, and smaller process footprints.

The discussion will focus on the physical and chemical properties of ionic liquid - amine solvents and process design considerations.