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(570g) High Volumetric Reactivity Structure and Testing


Gu, Q. - Presenter, Auburn University
Tatarchuk, B. J. - Presenter, Auburn University

Catalytic removal of ozone is of key importance to the health of people in public areas like aircraft cabins. Former designs of catalyst structure have been adapted non-optimized to fulfill these applications. In this project, high contact efficiency microfibrous materials have been used to improve performances in those applications. Pleated-structure filters are widely used in HVAC systems for low face velocities (<2.5 m/s) and room temperature. This project proposed testing pleated microfibrous materials filters at higher speeds (>10m/s) and higher temperatures (200 °C). By utilizing the high contact efficiency of microfibrous materials, contact time was shortened (<0.1ms) in order to reduce the weight and volume of air handling system and enhance the operational efficiency. Pressure drop versus face velocity measurements were conducted for 4 and 9 inch deep pleated filters using nickel fibers. Different filter fairing structures have been studied using 2D CFD model. Pressure drop reductions by fairings have also been investigated. Ozone decomposition efficiency for five catalysts, including noble and transient metals, has been tested. Reaction kinetics for these reactions has been studied. Also calcinations temperature effect on ozone decomposition efficiency has been studied.



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